Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Talk the Talk

Talk the Talk

I usually don’t place the focal point directly in the middle of one of my collages.  This rooster just seemed commanding and wanted to be prominent.  So that is where he landed.  Do you let your work speak to you and guide you or do you guide your work?   Maybe both?


julia said...

Well, i love the message of this one, john, and i believe he simply had to take complete center stage for the message’s sake!
For me, i’m in the hands of the work...if i don’t do what it tells me, it never works out... well, that might not be true..sometimes i force things..and then...i don’t care for the piece.....but ironically, it will get a lot of likes on instagram...that might tell you something! Do i need to walk the walk more?

jacki long said...

A strong, commanding rooster indeed.
Bravo, John!