Monday, April 6, 2020

Situational Haiku Series - 10

Situational Haiku Series - 10
I am taking a bit of writer prerogative today with the syllables in this Haiku.  Or is that writer’s license.  By using an apostrophe with the name “Len’s” instead of “Len is” helps with the number of syllables in the last line.  What say you English grammar experts?  Is that allowed?

Situational Haiku Series - 10


jacki long said...

Am not an expert but I say okay.
Really great!

Robert said...

The little dog is so cute, but he looks quite puzzled as to how he suddenly ended up in a collage! Hope Len’s comics eventually dry out!

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Love this one!

Husband Ray, English teacher, published poet says,
“It’s an arbitrary designation to give shape to an image.
Japanese syllables, translating a Japanese haiku you would not end up with the same amount of syllables.”

It’s all good.

julia said...

Artistic license
Is sometimes necessary
To make it all work