Friday, April 10, 2020

Retchoso Bound Book with Embroidery

Retchoso bound Book with Embroidery
This is the second book that I have bound with my new friend from West Virginia, Vera.  She did three embroideries for me.  My plan is to keep one and send two back to her.  One of the two going eventually to WVA is for another friend there who connected Vera with me on this project.  I love collaborations.  Thanks Vera.  Your work looks fabulous on the cover.

Retchoso Bound Book with Embroidery


jacki long said...

Yes, I agree, Vera, your work looks lovely with John's masterful binding. Win-Win!

julia said...

John! Vera will be so pleased! It’s hard for me to tell..did you use a cloth of beautiful paper covering..i was wondering how you would use that bunny..so perfect..and the book is dear..