Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Accordion Foldout Book - Asian Inspired

Cover for Accordion Foldout

Eleven Collages in the Foldout

Foldout - Collage 01

I have been working on this book for quite awhile, almost two months.  I made the book in one setting and put it down.  I did the cadmium background in one setting and put the book down.  Then I got sick and while in bed I started working on backgrounds.  Try and imagine me working on collages with a clipboard as my table and a glue stick as my adhesive.  Every different piece of ephemera was a task because I had to take off the glue stick cap and put it back on each time so that I would not get glue on the bed coverings.  I finished the book today.  Each of the collages has similarities.  I will talk more about them as the days progress.


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Well, knowing the effort that went into it, makes it even more profound john!
It’s beautiful.