Thursday, April 9, 2020

Wrap Case and Retchoso Bound Book

Wrap Case with Retchoso Bound Book
I had received a wrap around case with two paper enclosures from Bari Zaki in Chicago.  Both enclosures, one for taking notes and one for addresses were glued into the enclosure.  I liked the format so much that I decided to use it to wrap a Retchoso bound book.  Bari’s creation had a locking device to keep the case closed.   I decided to try out sari ribbon.  Success!

Wrap Case with Retchoso Bound Book


tgarrett said...

Wonderful John- I so wish I could come over and sit and look at your hundreds of books you have made.

jacki long said...

Me too, can I come with Terry? Please? I love the color you picked for the sari ribbon and the book and wrap itself is just yummy! I'll bring snacks?

julia said...

I’m coming also..the wrap idea is beautiful!

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Me too so in my mind we are all sitting around enjoying the collection of your books, drinking tea and eating lemon rosemary scones.

I love the sari silk, but of course, ow I’m curious about the locking device!