Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Retchoso Bound Book with Embroidery

Retchoso Bound Book with Embroidery

Cover of Retchoso Bound Book with Embroidery
An artist in West Virginia sent me three embroideries which have all now been showcased on the covers of Retchoso bound books.  This is the last of Vera’s handiwork.  Two of the books will be returned to her as soon as I can either go safely to the post office or figure out another method for mailing the books.  I was told that PayPal has a service so I have to investigate that.


jacki long said...

So beautiful, John.The delicacy of the embriodery goes so well with the cover.

julia said...

I’m trying to imagine how you felt when you found this fabric to go with vera’s embroidery...how perfect..the book is so delicate..and i’m wondering how you envision it being used?

Lindsey said...

Vera is going to love her books!