Friday, April 24, 2020

Just Another Foldout - 03 and 04

Just Another Foldout - 03 and 04
I started this series wanting all male figures this time.  That proved to be difficult in my collection of ephemera.  The paper strip that divides the mustard and the celadon came from my friend Sally.  She sent me an email saying that a package was on my front porch.  Indeed!  It was a fabric book with collages and embroidery on all pages.  It is just lovely.  I had to do something with the wrapping paper that she also made.  Thanks Sally!

Here is her handiwork:


jacki long said...

Wow, Christmas came early, Sally's work is lovely.
I love the colors and the way they work with the aged photos. ;o)
Have a great weekend. We are to have 98' today and tomorrow.

julia said...

I love how these two projects, one from sally, and one from you, intersect and compliment each other so beautifully. Her book is obviously a work of love! I enjoyed zooming in on it..and also on zooming in on seeing how well her handmade paper worked so perfectly in your collages! Maybe they belong together in one of your boxes..:-)

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Ooh Sally so charming.

I like the quietness and sweet here I. Both the collage and stitchery.

Lindsey said...

💙 Sally’s work- and yours of course!
The female with the flowers- 1930’s-40’s? I’ve always liked the clothing and illustrations from those days.