Wednesday, April 29, 2020



I am taking the year long Carla Sonheim workshop this year.  She has several artists who teach workshops each month.  This month Kara Kramer is the instructor.  Our task is to create a personal junk journal.  We are to add paper, writings, paint, words, whatever we like to each page in the journal. We let the page evolve into what it is going to become.  I created my own journal for the task and decided to add pieces of envelopes from snail mail to each page along with ephemera that I have been sent.  Intrinsic is my first completed page.


jacki long said...

Really beautiful, John! I particularly love the lady slice that adds so much.

Michele R. Unger said...

This is gorgeous and a different sort of spread for you. I like it very much. The colors are happy. Never thought I would come to appreciate pink as I have done in the last few months. There is something hopeful and cheery about pink that I didn't see before now. Happy to see what you are working on! Hugs!

julia said...

Yes! A big shift and a real surprise to see this piece, john! The completed journal will be fantastic!

tgarrett said...

I am taking that class too and just haven't gotten into it for some reason. I will go back and look at those videos. This is wonderful John and I know what a struggle it is for you to work right now.