Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Little Brown Envelopes with Ties

Little Brown Envelopes with Ties
The little brown envelopes with a book inside are great fun to make.  I used grocery bags for the envelopes.  My challenge was the bottom or lower circle tab.  My grommet punch would not reach for appropriate placement punching if the envelope was already glued.  Simple fix.  Punch before gluing.  I love the fact that I could use recycled materials for the envelopes.

Speaking of using recycled materials for creating several months ago I decided that I would use what I already have for all my art projects.  I think I have pretty much enough for the remainder of my life.  The only thing that might run out was watercolor paper.  Guess what?  I started to run out.  Then I thought I wonder if there is more paper in the flat files in the garage??  Guess what again?  There was a huge box of white watercolor paper.  I do not have to go out or order out.  Yeah!


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jacki long said...

Always solving and creating, I love that, John!

julia said...

It’s very satisfying to make something new out of what others dispose of!
I love these little envelopes, john...i recently recycled a brown paper bag into a series of collages...it’s fun!