Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Situational Haiku Series - 04

Situational Haiku - 04

Everyone has at one time of another found some money on the ground.  I did when I was in the Shetland Islands almost a year ago.  Maybe one should check around cash machines more often.  When I was twelve, a friend and I flew from Maryland to Los Angles during an airplane strike.  Only American Airlines was flying coast to coast.   We were headed to Seattle but had a 36 hour lay over in LA..  For entertainment we circled the airport checking phone returns in pay phones.  We actually brought in quite a haul.  Now that I look back on it, what were our parents thinking about letting two twelve year olds travel across the country like that!?

Situational Haiku Series - 04

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jacki long said...

I love the red coming through in parts of the blue-grey.
It is so pleasing with just the tiny figure. Bravo!