Saturday, March 14, 2020

Found Postcard 03

Found Postcard 03

I like having something that I have started resurface.  Sometimes when I see something that I made I do not recognize it.  In this one all I added recently was the postage stamp with the postmark.

As most people are, I am self-quarantining.  My only adventure out was to the doctor and to the grocery store this week.  The waiting room at the doctor's office was rearranged so that furniture was at least a four feet away from any other furniture.  On the door to the office was a sign to make sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds in soap and water before entering.  Even the door to the doctor's office waiting room was propped open.  I like that they were taking care.  One had to even speak through a slit in the glass window to the receptionist.  Good for them!


jacki long said...

Yes, this is a beauty1
Glad you are hibernating, please take good care, John.

julia said...

I can only imagine what you will get up to now that you are self-quarantining! There’s an endless world of collage out there!