Friday, March 6, 2020

Fold Back Series No. 6

Fold Back Series No. 6

There is something satisfying when I work on a collage.  Auditioning and refining until a composition comes together.  I have been in the process of culling through my ephemera.  Yesterday I found eight postcards that I had started but never completed.  They are done now.  Finding them was like finding treasure, a kind of deep sea diving adventure!


jacki long said...

I love the 3-D feel of this.

Robert said...

I love the creamy off-whites of the papers used in this collage contrasted with the pure white of the substrate. I also like the irregular shape of the piece created by the dissected envelope. Are those holes from paper eating worms in the translucent paper? Wonderful piece, John!

anonymous said...

Super one - like those theatre in depth paper constructions where you see into the distance. cr

julia said...

I’ve gotten behind on my comments, john, but am enjoying your series as much as ever..i can relate to the serenity that comes with choosing and placing just the right piece in just the right spot..and also discovering old material, seeing it with fresh eyes; perhaps completing it in an entirely different way than you would have.