Sunday, March 1, 2020

Fold Back Series No. 1

Cover (front)

Cover (back)

Fold Back  No. 1
I am calling this new series Fold Back because somewhere in each collage I have folded paper. I worked rather quickly on the collages in this series and used what was in front of me on my work station.  In this one I had several vintage postal envelopes and teabags at my disposal.  I discovered the front cover in my garage, a piece I had started on book board several years ago.  I thought it would make a great book cover.  I had to make the back cover to match.  One probably would not know that the covers were made years apart. The book is bound using the slip knot binding process.


julia said...

I certainly would never have guessed about the front and back covers of this delightful new book you are doing, john! The covers are gorgeous..and i suspect the folded paper collages will be great too.

jacki long said...

I like all three but the folded collage is super1

Robert said...

Nicely done, John! I understand that the collage term for using only whatever materials are at hand is the word “bricolage” dictionary definition: “construction or creation from a diverse range of available things.”

Brian Kasstle said...

I just love this series. Each one is extraordinary. I especially love the covers!

anonymous said...

Fun! cr