Thursday, August 1, 2019

August 2019 Artist Playing Cards

August 2019 Artist Playing Cards
It is that time of the month when the artist playing cards are ready to be sent out.  I am just waiting on my list of recipients.  This month I decided to hinge two playing cards together and include a popup when opened.  I used washi tape to decorate the cards this time.  The hard part was getting the popup airplane to pop when the card is standing as it is.  It is much easier when the card is more horizontal.  Thanks to my friend Sally who came up with a suggestion.


jacki long said...

Wow, such a great execution.
Always a winner!

Claudia MB said...

I think you just invented something new -- a hinged ATC with a popup! Unhinged pop!!!

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...


I love the horizontal plane against the vertical pattern. Terrific colors!
Can’t wait to see in person!