Monday, August 12, 2019

Elongated Collage 06

Elongated Collage 06

Scanning collages after they are adhered into a Japanese stab bound book is not easy.  It is either a two person job or I have to run like hell from my computer to the scanner where I apply pressure to the book so that a better scan will occur.  I think today after I finish making several more collages I will just use my iPad to photograph the collages to see if this will be more acceptable.  The grey on the left only exists in the scans and not in the actual collage.


Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

I like the scan gray area it adds depth.
To be rid of it I put a couple of heavy, textbooks on top of the lid.
These are so charming.

jacki long said...

These have a lovely feeling to them, John.

julia said...

I’m liking the gray also, john...perhaps a happy accident? But i do think that having 4 hands would be so convenient sometimes, wouldn’t it?

anonymous said...

Can you not just rub it out, or do colour change in Photoshop and resave the jpg? Or maybe your clever background app could change it to white. I'm sure I found a 'make the background white' somewhere when I had to copy some line drawings with the scanner lid up. We all don't seem to mind the grey band but it's a shame if you would like them how they are in reality.