Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Cheerio Box Collaboration with Elsa Bouman

Inside opened up

Back with a flap for mailing


Elsa Bouman, a local collage artist and I did a Cheerio box cardboard collaboration.  We each made two or three postcard size foldout substrates out of cereal boxes.  Each of us started the collaboration and the mailed it to the other.  We each did our collage thing on what we received and mailed them back.  This is one that Elsa started and I finished.  Once we were done with the collages on all sides and had mailed them we brought them all together and divided them up.  Total fun!


jacki long said...

Always innovative and amazing!

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Love this post! ;-).
I enjoyed creating these two person postcards with John enormously.
His design of what we call the “Cheerios” template is brilliant.
Allowing for two postcards to be collaged, then flipped and worked on the other side. Equaling four 6” x 4” artworks.
The puzzle 🧩 of placement, colors and design in a collaboration is an exciting “game” to play and works your brain nicely.
Starting and finishing half of an art work is a challenge, but the anticipation of seeing what
a fellow artist does with your start and the finishing of their start is an exciting process.
The postal marks make it a three party piece.