Monday, December 4, 2017

Urgent C16 - A New Shabby Chic Series

Urgent C16
Just what do you think that these three women are being investigated for?  Or were they witnesses to some crime?

I love the raggedness of the shabby chic journal.  Rough edges are in! :-)


Commercial...... I belong to an Artist Trading Card group who has been trading cards for about four years.  This past year we lost a member to our group and we have an opening for the coming year.  Since it is an international group we are looking for someone from Latin America, South America, or Africa to participate with us.  If you are interested and from one of those areas of the world please contact me at johnner55@yahoo.com  for more details.


Alastair Sooke: the JMW Turner painting that launched modern art

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jacki long said...

Ah the Black cat cafe sounds intriguing?
The richness of the reds has an encaustic feel to me?