Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sumo Series 01

Sumo Series 01

In my new series, Sumo, there are 18 pieces, nine back-to-back.  The sumo wrestlers are Menko cards again and they stand up.  Some are full body and others are just the head and part of the torso.  They are all vintage.

We are fortunate to have an Andrew Wyeth exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum until mid January.

BBC Michael Palin in Wyeth´s World

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jacki long said...

Oh I am in heaven! Sumo is my passion!
I used to subscribe to Sumo Digest ...
back in the days of Takanohana and my favorite,
his brother, Wakanohana!
I used to end watch the matches back when they had it on a LA tv station.
My dream is to go to Japan again and go to a basho. But,"takei des!"