Monday, December 25, 2017

Sumo Series 13

Sumo Series 13
Yesterday was so busy I totally neglected to post on Christmas Eve.  So today, Christmas Day is a two-fer again.  Merry Christmas to everyone who visits this blog.  It started snowing yesterday late afternoon and has continued this morning.  We have about four inches of the white stuff and it is just beautiful.  According to the paper the Seattle area only has had a white Christmas 7 out of 100.  I know we have had at least one since moving into our house nine years ago.  Anyway, it is pretty amazing out right now.

Our neighborhood to the east really decorates their houses and yards and it was magical walking in the snow last night.  The colored lights reflecting in the white snow was just amazing.

So Merry Christmas to each of you.


James Rosenquist. The Art of Pop: Soup Cans & Superstars Documentary clip


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jacki long said...

Merry Christmas John!
I love the kumon & polka dots,
and oranges & reds are perfect.
Great series!