Monday, December 18, 2017

Sumo Series 07

Sumo Series 07
I suppose there might be some criticism concerning this series, that it is repetitious.....that is is formulaic.  It is and I do not apologize for that.  Frequently a series is just that.  There are similarities in each piece.  I do not mind it.  When you look at many artists work you see that they "practice" an idea.  It was a fun series to do and a surprising one for me.  I really had no interest in sumo wrestling but I sure like the idea behind the stand up sumo wrestler vintage cards that I discovered.


Bacchus and Ariadne | A Thirst for Art


jacki long said...

Love the colors in this, real eye candy!
And yea SUMO!;o)

anonymous said...

I like the Japanese decorative emblems ?from sword guards. Are they stamps or did you manage to incorporate digital images?