Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Sumo Series 16

Sumo Series 16
When I started out the year I had promised myself to try and make a blog post everyday of the year 2017.  I almost made it.  I missed about five or six days but always caught up.  So now I am only a few posts away from 365 for the year.  Not bad!  I can not promise I will be able to keep up in 2018, but I do have over 50 posts lined up so far for the upcoming year.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for commenting.  I always read the comments even though I usually do not post a return comment.  That just has not fit into my posting routine.  Enjoy the remaining few days of 2017. :-)


Peter Doig’s 'Camp Forestia', 1996


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jacki long said...

So glad you post daily! Share your prolificity! ;o)
I really look forward to each and every one.