Thursday, July 6, 2017

Orange Series No. 4

Orange Series No. 4
Sometimes I am unsure of whether or not to add just another piece of ephemera to a collage that I am working on.  Auditioning sometimes is the only way to go.  I have even made a photocopy of an in- progress collage and experimented to see just which way to go.  In this one, the stamp with the numeral 4 was the right piece to finish it off.  Without it something was missing.


Jessie Ware: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

some explicit language....



jacki long said...

Numbers & letters are usually magic?
And, I LOVE school pics or groups pics in general! ♥

Irene Rafael said...

I like this idea of auditioning. I tend to go in the other direction and err in not adding enough. Im with Jacki, love the group school photo!