Saturday, July 29, 2017

Orange Series No 27

Orange Series No. 27
This piece possibly is my favorite of the Orange Series.  The background really came together.  It could have been an abstract piece standing on its own.  I love how the woman by the car seems to interact with the woman standing.  The voyeur is creepy but seems to fit or perhaps is odd man out but works with the piece.


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Jacki Long said...

I love this one too!
I love the linear bars and the free form in between & of course, the orange!
Have a fun time at Whidbey!

Catherine R said...

Nice one! (Did you try it with the Peeping Tom reversed so he is looking at the lady we see?)
Hope the course goes well - looking forward to seeing work posted by people who are online friends.

leang heng said...

I love this one too!

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