Thursday, July 27, 2017

Orange Series No. 25

Orange Series No. 25
I just love the "Jetson's" type images.  Just think of what was thought to be our future fifty years ago. I don't see flying cars but I do know that there are drones.  And soon there will be driverless cars on the road, I guess! Just think of the technology revolution that has gone on.  I remember when I was in sixth grade in Bethesda, MD.  I went into D.C. to the National Geographic Society building.  They had a phone of the future.  It actually was a picture phone.  And here we are, we actually have the ability to use our IPads and IPhones where we can see each other when talking.


Tuxedo: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


jacki long said...

I love the interaction between the jumping boy & the clown!
Not sure if it's directions or warnings, but they do relate.
Backgrounds as always are phenomenal.

anonymous said...

Nice colours and circular movement. Hope he doesn't get caught...

Unknown said...

Nice colours.

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