Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bird Series #5 and #6

Bird Series #5

Bird Series #6
I find that the gray photos really change what is dominant in the work in comparison to the darker photos. That is obvious when you think about it but when creating I did not think about it.  With six postcards done it jumped out at me.  The birds are much more prominent than the models in these two postcards  It is more like the women have moved toward the background although they were adhered last.


Cate Rose said...

Two more beauties!

Unknown said...

Makes me wonder what the bird might say to the woman. Lovely card.

anonymous said...

Ah but... You only have to overlap it as in # 5 for the grey to leap into prominence. The bird is rather 'forceful' in # 6 perhaps. Love # 5. As you imply, it's irritatingly hard to foresee how a collage will look until it's too late! Well, that's what I find anyway.