Friday, May 16, 2014

Videos of Mixed Media Processes for Edmonds CC

I was asked to do two videos for the Edmonds Community College uLearn/ArtsNow program.  If you are interested the links to the videos may be found below.  It is so strange to watch oneself.  I had to laugh because the whole experience reminded me of the HGTV Design Stars type shows.  Man those lights during taping were hot!

The first video is here:  https://vimeo.com/95187847

The second video is here if you are not too tired! :-)  :  https://vimeo.com/95187403

I will be teaching two classes for the uLearn/ArtsNow program with Edmonds CC in July.  Information for the classes may be found at:




jacki long said...

Loved both videos Joh! I am going to revisit for inspiration again too! You were great and it does trigger ideas and motivates. Good job, beautiful work and lucky people who get to take your class!

Cate Rose said...

Just emailed to myself to watch a bit later. Congrats!

Cate Rose said...

Just watched -- excellent, John!!

Unknown said...

Those were great...thank you!

anonymous said...

Well done, John. You are so calm and clear! Loved the 'and here's one I did earlier' examples and the abandoned way you just used tools and put them on the bench - did you have a minion rescuing them to stop the gunge ruining them for ever?!
Didn't the blow-ups of your work in the background look brilliant? You could have a superior wallpaper company after you any day now.

Brian Kasstle said...

The video is great John! You did a fabulous job!

peggymcd said...

I love these two videos. Your a pro, can't wait until you teach your first on line class, sign me up now.