Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bird Series #3 and #4

Bird Series #3

Bird Series #4
I am loving the color combinations of these postcards.  When I start I just start without much thought.  So my work tends to be very organic....especially the backgrounds.  Speaking of backgrounds, I love to do backgrounds.  I could do backgrounds until the cows come home or the chickens roost or whatever other idioms might be appropriate.  My challenge is always the foreground.  Frequently, foregrounds require quite a bit of auditioning before I commit.  The models in these postcards did not look right on some backgrounds. So I just kept moving them around until I felt that they fit.  The other thing that I like about the subjects is that I did not worry about focal point size.  For instance, the bird and the female models are disproportionate. Somehow it works for me.


jacki long said...

Works for me too, John! I love them all!
And, I agree about the auditioning.
A perfect term for collage,
where there really are "try-outs"!
I had never thought of that before.
Thank you John! ♥

Cate Rose said...

These are to-die-for! I especially love #3. You're the king of fab backgrounds!

anonymous said...

You're hitting your stride with these now! #3 is so successful with the echoes of shapes and colours and it's somehow surreal with a see-through effect so I can't tell which items are right at the front. Excellent.

Brian Kasstle said...

Oh I love the backgrounds. I love the large size birds. Some pen work might be fun on these.