Sunday, May 4, 2014

Last Two Postcards of the Flower Series

Primrose #1

Pansy #3
These are the last two postcards of the "flower" series.  Onto the "bird" series this week.  I made nine postcards in the "bird" series and will mail one to each of the students in my Orcas Island senior center workshop.  Making postcards is one of eight activities for the pockets of a pocket journal that we are making.

One of my art pieces that will be in the NW Collage Society Spring Art Show made it into the Everett Herald newspaper on Friday.  Fun being published!  It is the piece displayed above on the header of this blog.



Cate Rose said...

Congrats on being published! I sent your show announcement to another Seattle area friend, hope she'll be able to see it. Love those two new postcards!

anonymous said...

So funny - the contrast in expressions in Primrose #1! Did one win the lottery and refuse to share?!

Brian Kasstle said...

These are so fun John! I am thinking the Primrose on the left might be a "Prhimrose"?

jacki long said...

Love them all! I fee l so lucky to have Rose #1 on the wall here as I work!
Thank you John!

Irene Rafael said...

I 'disappear' for a bit and look what happens...my sweet pal is published. Congratulations and big hugs. xo