Saturday, December 22, 2012


During our trip to the southwest and southern California we stayed with our friends Brian and Ed.  Venturing out, we went to the Long Beach Flea Market where Brian and I decided to split a find of a box of vintage photographs, some of which are included in Widows of  Widows Sons, and Grandsons which will be the name of the total journal spread. The left hand side of this piece is still being worked on.

Last week I purchased some tissue paper  with "Horlogerie and Bijouterie" written on it.  This is French for watchmaker and jeweler.  The idea of watchmaker and jeweler combined with the vintage photos brought on the idea for this piece. Sons and grandsons appear on the left side of the piece which I will continue working on.



anonymous said...

John - your collages could almost convert me to using found things instead of decorating all my own papers! This is so interesting.

tgarrett said...

John- I love the composition- it has my eyes flowing across this piece- beautiful layers once again and nice colors and texture round it all out. Love it.

john said...

Hi Catherine. Thanks for your comments. I actually do make my own papers and include them in many collages. I have a question to ask you. I will email you though.

Brian Kasstle said...

John, my dear art friend this piece is wonderful. I loved walking the swap meet with you it was such a treat and having you and Tim here was so much fun! I can't wait to visit with you again soon!