Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dad, Gramps, and Great Gramps

Recently I opened a briefcase that had belonged to my father and discovered letters that he had written during WWII.  He was stationed in North Africa and in Italy during the war.  There were also personal papers and photos of my paternal grandfather who died when my father was age three. 

My grandfather owned a candy store in La Jolla, California before he met my grandmother.  In the collection of mementos was an old candy box from the store.  I found receipts from the business and one was for a grocer H. Jevne who made deliveries to my grandfather's store. 

When doing a search for vintage maps of southern California I discovered a site that is amazing http://www.bigmapblog.com/ .  I actually found a map with Los Angeles buildings and one of those buildings is H. Jevne, the building you see on the right.

In this collage you see my father (baby), grandfather and great grandfather.  The car is my grandfather's with my grandmother in the passenger seat.  The photo on the right is of me when I was twenty-four and in the army.  Although I never knew my grandfather or great grandfather this collage brings us all together.


tgarrett said...

This piece has a haunting beauty to it. I do like the colors and the placement of the photographs pull you right in. This does a have a personal feel to it- a glimpse into someone's life.

anonymous said...

This is fascinating, John. Both my parents were in N. Africa too. I recently saw this exhibition at the RA https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibitions/artists-laboratory/artists-laboratory-05-hughie-odonoghue,435,RAL.html?type=past which featured mementos from service in Italy.

ingridp said...

Nice with an history of your own!

Brian Kasstle said...

Oh John! I love the history and feel of this piece! It is so rich and wonderful with personal photos. Personal pieces like this have so much meaning and depth especially with you photo added. What a treasure!

john said...

Thanks everyone. This was a really fun piece to do. There is so much history that one does not know about their own family. And they will never know I might add. Suprises come along....some good and some not so.