Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kum-pang mee hu, pra-tu mee tar

Kum-pang mee hu, pra-tu mee tar is Thai for Walls have ears, doors have eyes.  This idiom is always good to remember when you have a piece of information that only should hold tight to your chest.  Otherwise, who knows where that information might end up.
I worked on this piece in PhotoShop and tried something I had not previously attempted.  I used the posterize feature.  I have included the original for your comparison.

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tgarrett said...

Wonderful John. I like both ways- great background- this piece has a Nick Bantock feel- I love his work do you know it? He did that wonderful interactive book series Griffin and Sabine. Another filter I love and you may want to try is poster edges- I have been know to go overboard with that one.