Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Patron

The Patron
I have been taking an online class called The Ticket to Venice.  This class teaches bookbinding methods and travel journaling.  Mary Ann Moss, the instructor, is actually on a Venice trip where she emails postcards to class participants and creates videos of her experiences.  She is an on-location reporter as you will.  The class has been a blast.  Not only am I learning some fun journaling techniques from Mary Ann, who is a hoot by the way, but I am learning from other participants in the class.  There are some spectacular journals being made.

My journal is not actually of Venice which I have been to so many times I can't remember how many.  When we lived in southern Germany we used to go quite frequently.  My journal is about the my fall trip to the SW....Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  However, I got inspired yesterday to create a Venice piece which is called The Patron.  When I was taking university classes, I took an art history course where we studied how patrons portraits were frequently painted into commissioned pieces.  I thought I would include my self-portrait into this new work.  My gentlemen's ATC group's theme for January is self-portraits, hence, this piece.  I will be adding the right hand side of The Patron into my self-portrait journal as well.


Cate Rose said...

Hi John,
I'm in MAM's Venice class as well -- found you on the class blog. I love your collages!
Happy New Year,

Anonymous said...

Lots to look at in this one! So much colour and light, and mastery of the layering technique. Great.

Brian Kasstle said...

This piece is sooo wonderful John, reminiscent of Lynne Perrella. It is truly wonderful! So very much to see!

tgarrett said...

John, I just now saw this one- I love all the color and layers. The depth in this one makes it very dreamy for me. Love this.

ingridp said...

Hi John, as I am in the same Venice-class like you, I must ask you :
1, is the class over? Thought we had some still to go. And
2, where do I find the journals people are making. I found it a bit tricky to be all over the place to get things together.
Even so, I have been inspired to finally start making these books I dreamt of making. Practicing on different ways to bind it together. Need practise!!!!

Pilgrim said...

Hi John, I an in Maryann ' s class also. Did you take a class with Orly at ArtFest in 2012?

john said...

Hi Glenda. Yes, I did take Orly's postcard class. I think you sat behind me. How are you? Glad you found my blog.