Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day and Night....a working title?

Day and Night?
This is my latest journal page.  I usually do not have trouble with titles but this one is questionable. I have thought about calling it "Fireworks."  However, that does not necessarily reflect the whole spread.  Maybe you have an idea?

I took a basic encaustic class on Wednesday which I liked.  I now have a enormous appreciation for works done using this process.  Just knowing how it all comes together has now given me an eye in which to analyze encaustic pieces in the future.  In the class, the instructor had many papers for us to use to create collages.  Some of those were Joss papers from China.  If you have never experienced Joss paper then a trip to the local Asian market is indeed recommended.  You might have to walk around until you find them, but I assure you they are there.

The dragon, the Chinese gate and the background papers are all Joss papers.  I also tried something new on these journal pages.  I used plaster tape and watercolor pastels to create the "fireworks" and some texture.  It really helped to make the the fireworks display on the right hand side.


Brian Kasstle said...

I love this spread John, especially after this weekend. The faces of children are wonderful here. Interesting about the Joss papers. I am envious of the encaustics class. Would you do it again? Would you purchase the equipment to do it? Have a wonderful week!

Cathy Farrell said...

The fireworks texture is very effective and the whole picture suggests some interesting story lines. Nice!

Jill said...

"Both Halves of the Sky"?

tgarrett said...

I love the sense of depth in this with your different layers- It has foreground, middle ground and background. Love the colors.

Cmmargaret said...

How about naming it "Joss" in honor of the beautiful papers you used? Beautiful!