Sunday, February 14, 2021



I love mixing abstract with realism.  Somehow I feel that this piece is soft, soft even though there are some bold colors and strong lines.  Perhaps it is the suit that the man is wearing, the color grey being soft. Perhaps it is the blue that softens the background.  I don’t know but I like how it all goes together.  It might just be my favorite of the series.


jacki long said...

I agree, John. It seems a perfect mixture.
Has your snow melted? Stay warm.

julia said...

What strikes me that softens the whole is his stance...he has a sense of compassion...enjoying this series very much john!

Robert said...

Wonderful background, John! I honestly think that with all of colors. shapes, and textures that it could easily stand on it’s own as a finished piece. The “dot” textures on the figure of the man are also very appealing and work well with the background. Nice contrast, also, between the substrate colors and the neutrals of the subject!