Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Monochromatic 02

Monochromatic 02

 When I lived in Japan I had to have a bank account in order to do normal business.  Signatures are done using chop marks.  One goes to a store that sells chops and you are given a chop that is as close to the sound of your last name as they can find.  That is difficult for most westerners.  You are told not to lose your chop.  Well, I did.  So I could not do banking until I got another one.  The thing is chops are not made in duplicates easily.  It is kind of like fingerprints.  So I had mountains of paperwork to fill out because of the loss.  The banking clerk went with me to secure the second chop which you can see above.


jacki long said...

I like your chop, but I love the stamp you made with the jibits.
Wonderful, how the monochromatic designs make their own colors?

anonymous said...

I was the lucky recipient of this ATC and it's charming. I had a chop made in Chinatown in London when I used to do ink painting. They had a book of names and as it was rather an extravagance I said to myself I would have one if my name was in their book. As there were only two entries for it in the London telephone directory I thought there was no chance - but there it was! It went from two syllables to four in their pronunciation and representation and what the pictures are I have no idea. I was very sad when years later I knocked it off a shelf and the lion/handle on the top broke off. It was carved from a flecked red stone - very attractive. xcr

julia said...

Loving this new series john...and of course..you know me! I love the history aspects too.. and the monochromatic palette! All good!

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Loving the clean Wintry look of these monochromes.
And a good story. I love your blog.