Thursday, February 11, 2021

Smell the Flowers

Smell the Flowers

Yesterday afternoon I finally got an appointment for the vaccine.  I have to drive quite a distance this morning to the northern part of Snohomish County where I live  to receive the vaccine but it will be worth it.  A friend got her shot there yesterday and called to tell me all the details.  I have been trying for almost one month ever since people over 65 were allowed to receive the vaccine.  The system is a bit difficult to navigate and the number of doses available has been limited.  That is changing now that President Biden has taken charge.


jacki long said...

Nice artwork, John, I like the patterns.
So glad you are getting your vaccine.
I got mine last Sunday, easy in and out.

NatalieLaughing said...

Great you got an appt. I did too! Love this collage!

Robert said...

So happy that you finally got an appointment! Jamie and I are working on trying to get an appointment for our 2nd shot as we were not given one when we had the 1st shot in Monroe. Right now it doesn’t seem that easy. We were supposed to get the booster this upcoming Wednesday but they are saying that it is no problem if you are a few weeks later on the 2nd dose. Hope they give you an appointment for the 2nd shot when you get your 1st!