Saturday, February 20, 2021



 This series is coming to a close in the next day or so.  It has been fun sharing it here.  I have several new series coming up.  Most of the postcards in this series were sent out to other artists.  So I have to get busy and start creating another postcard series soon as my supply is getting pretty small. :-)


jacki long said...

Beautiful, John! And that hairline is so cool!
This has been a terrific series, as always.

julia said...

Hi john, i decided to wait until the end of the series and look at them as a whole..and find a i have a whole new feeling about them..a different response than individually..this is no surprise, is it? And there is a book-feeling to then group. Love it all! Ok, confession here:
When i examined mutter paneer... a waft of heavenly curry aroma came right out of my ipad..i swear! This is how evocative these pieces are.