Friday, February 12, 2021


 I like to look for geometric shapes in a piece of art.  In this case the two circular shapes and possibly the third one behind the gentleman or the head of the gentleman make a triangle.  One could even say that there are two triangles with the gentleman’s head being either the right corner of the first or the left corner of the second triangle.  It is almost like a right angled triangle and an isosceles triangle.

Another thing I like about this piece is that there is a narrative.  What is the gentleman afraid or anxious about?   What does he see or what is he thinking about? Maybe he is anxious about getting the COVID vaccine?  Speaking of which I got my first dose yesterday.  What an efficient system they had set up.!  My hat is off to the Snohomish County Health Department.  It was an organized easy system for the patient.


jacki long said...

I studied and like this a lot.
A nice balance of movement and color.

tgarrett said...

This series is so fun John- like you I love a narrative. Congrats getting your first dose we have no word yet when we will get ours very frustrating.

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Really an enigmatic expression it could be anticipation as easily as apprehension!
Love all of this.

Robert said...

So many possible interpretations for this piece. Before I read the title I would have thought that his expression indicated surprise. Love the contrast of the green jacket with the oranges and reds in the background. So glad you were able to get your first vaccine dose yesterday. Jamie and I are scheduled to get our booster this coming Wednesday, but we have to drive all the way from Mukilteo to Island Drug in Oak Harbor to get it!