Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Mini-Journal 10 -03


Mini-Journal 10 -03

For me there is lots of movement in this mini spread.  My eye focuses to the right and travels along the vegetation to the three dots and the bird.  Perhaps the heart helps with that causing a heavier feeling in the right corner.  Also perhaps with the heart being darker and the bird lighter in color that my eye is pulled right first.  I imagine your eye might go elsewhere first.  What say you?


jacki long said...

I go to the blue plant and then circle counter=clockwise to the bird and on around.
Beautiful work and I do love the heart.

julia said...

No....my experience was the total opposite! The bird grabbed me!! And would not let go..:-) i just fell for the bird..had to drag my eyes away to follow your instructions..but i am still captivated by the aboriginal-style of dot painting...love it! And i can see you are still captivated too, john..

tgarrett said...

John these are just amazing I love the birds- of course you know I love birds. Love seeing these.

Lindsey said...

The bird! Loving this series. I love birds!