Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Mini-Journal 09- 01

Mini-Journal 09- 01

 I have been spending quite a bit of time online looking at Australian aboriginal art.  It has a calming feeling to it mostly except for the pieces with snakes which I can not stand.  Since childhood I have always had a fear of snakes.  So I try to avoid them online but all of a sudden there is one.  Hence, you will never see one in my work.  This mini journal has only fowl, mostly chickens and one turkey.


jacki long said...

Charming, John. No snakes. Got it.
I look at this and picture you doing the pen works! So good!

Robert said...

When we used to take our two boys to the Woodland Park Zoo years ago they were always excited to see the Reptile House but my wife, Jamie, has an absolute HORROR of snakes, so she would go off to look at the giraffes or something else while we were “charmed” by the snakes. I’m wondering what you thought of the snake pit scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (Snakes! Why does it HAVE to be SNAKES!”).

Chilton programs said...
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