Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Mini-Journal No. 5 - 06

Mini-Journal No. 5 - 06

 Here we go again, the center valley fold crease problem.  I actually do not mind it though.  It makes the piece look more rustic or shabby chic.  I am so in love with the Benin barber images that I found.  They have the more primitive look to them, too.  The dullness that you might notice is from the baby powder I used so that the pages won’t stick together.  In journal no. 6 I changed to Dorland’s wax.


jacki long said...

The seam doesn't bother me either, it becomes part of the composition.
I do like the faces, strong but charming.

tgarrett said...

I love that you not let the seam bother you John. I tend to obsess when things like that happen- I am better with it now. This whole group is so wonderful such a riot of color and pattern!

julia said...

I find her face to be engaging...reaching out to make a friend...:-) i’m in love with these faces too!

Robert said...

This SO reminds me of the kind of “Outsider Art” that I thoroughly enjoy: sort of a “skewed”, as you say “rustic” look that is incredibly appealing, visually.