Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Mini-Journal 08- 04

Mini-Journal 08- 04


I have been cutting out ephemera like crazy.  I was hooked into watching the series Homeland.  It was easy to watch and cut.  So because I cut so much out.....8 seasons times 13 episodes.....that is a lot of watching, I have a lot of ephemera now for more mini journals.  More cats, more tigers, more alligators, you name it.  So stay tuned.

Here is the video for mini-journal no. 8.....


jacki long said...

What a treasure you have in these wonderful mini-books.
Thank you for filming the books, I scale to full screen and it is like I am there!
I look forward to every day, seeing your talented creations.

tgarrett said...

John I love this journal- such a fun idea and the spreads have a feel like art from India.

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

What Terry Garrett said. I’ve been thinking the pages have a batik look, or an aboriginal, Dreamtime, quality.
They pull you in with their complex dot patterns.

Robert said...

I agree with Elsa. These have a look which gives them the richness of color and pattern of batiks. Thoroughly engaging work!

Chilton programs said...
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