Saturday, February 8, 2020

Stamp Series 10

Stamp Series 10
The sheep and the woman are both looking toward the same direction.  I wonder what they see?  As we age we seem to have a safe place in our house where we go to spend more time.  I have found that I sit in my chair quite a lot to read or to work on the iPad.  I have never done a time analysis but a huge portion of time is spent there.


jacki long said...

when I study your compositions, I sometimes recognize a paper.
It's only logical I guess, that we would have some of the same, right?

julia said...

With both the sheep and the elderly woman looking the same direction, i’m drawn to look deeply into the center and from there to circle around..it’s lovely....
and as for the chair and the ipad...me too, john....sadly my device cruelly reminds me that my average daily time on my device is up again this week!