Friday, February 7, 2020

Stamp Series 09

Stamp Series 09
I love this senior lady in this piece.  For me, it is as if she is walking into the future or perhaps she is reminiscing on the past.  The jury is out for me on the red dot.  It seemed right at the time and now it is pretty bold.


jacki long said...

I like it a lot! I love the lady facing the future (I think)
I'm with you on the red dot, but I tried it without, and I think it needed it?

julia said...

This is such agreat series, john. .. about your red dot..either way works for me. But your question reinforces my own question that i have been working with for 2 years now: “what is enough?”
I’m trying to apply it to all aspects of my life, including my art..just think if we all applied it to what we say! When to stop! Hahaha