Sunday, April 22, 2018



Isn’t the word sarsaparilla a great word and it is considered old fashion, but I love the way it sounds?  I just told a friend the word and she said it sounds “Sassy!”  Day two of the Paper and Book Arts Festival in Newport was just fantastic.  I had my second amazing group.  We did the Buttonhole binding and everyone had success.  Last night as we were sitting around just talking and having fun, something was said and we cracked up laughing.  You know that kind of belly laughing and crying.  My stomach hurt but those kind of laughs are good for you and they do not happen often.


Beryl Korot: "Dachau, 1974" | Art21 "Exclusive"

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Jacki Long said...

Sasaparilla, is a yummy word! And this is such a handsome piece.
Yes, I agree we need more laughter to balance off this life we're in.♥