Friday, April 6, 2018

Grandpa, the Boy, and the Goat - A Tunnel Book

Open to the tunnel (flat)

Open to the tunnel (fanned)

I made this tunnel book recently, it is my third one.  You will see number 2 tomorrow.  I actually had not seen this format anywhere.  It is a Japanese stab binding book turned into a tunnel book.  I am submitting all three of my tunnel books for consideration in the Puget Sound Book Artists Guild show which will be at Puget Sound University this coming summer.  Fingers crossed they get in.

The story behind this book is that Grandpa is out for an outing with his grandson and the goat.  They stop to reflect and Grandpa remembers things from his past.  All the black and white images are his reflections.  The background represents the future and you will see his granddaughter writing something there.


Laurie Simmons: Actress Meryl Streep | "Exclusive" | Art21


Bea said...

Good luck...

TICTAC said...

Beautiful work! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

tgarrett said...

Beautiful book John and good luck-