Sunday, October 29, 2017

Menko (Kitty and Crow) Series - 07

Kitty and Crow Series 07
Somehow I feel this has a Halloween feel to it.  Perhaps it is a Japanese Halloween.  I do love the crow at the window.  Is he looking in the window desiring something shiny within?

Warning......this could be difficult to watch!

Marina Abramovic's Relentless, Violent Genius | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 26


anonymous said...

Yes - that green is a rather threatening colour I always think. I really like the crow feature - there is something about crows/ravens. (I won't be watching the artist who allows people to encroach painfully on her person in the name of art - I find the concept obscene. Sorry!)

jacki long said...

Menko is definitely Halloween & the green makes it instead of the normal orange. ;o)