Thursday, October 26, 2017

Menko (Kitty and Crow) Series - 04

Kitty and Crow 04
Putting a hole in each one seems to not be for everyone.  Again the reason for the hole is that the journal housing this series is held together with a Chicago screw.  This screw has a male and female part that connects in a "tunnel" in case you have never seen one.  Once screwed together you do not see the ridges of the screw.  Several of my students who have made a similar journal in class wanted to have a different method of holding their journal pages together.  Suggestions were a wrap-around binder, a ribbon, and a book sleeve like the ones that hold magazines.


The Brilliant Color Textiles of Abdulaye Konate | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 31


jacki long said...

I think the hole is almost indistinguishable, I had to hunt!
I like the idea and have always thought I would, but haven't tried it yet!
I so admire how you connect your treasures into series & folders John!

anonymous said...

My mother used to tell of sending out top secret instructions to navy personnel in WW2. In offices of limited tools compared with today's world, they would use a large hammer and nail to wallop a hole through each stack and thread string through. This method served throughout my childhood to make 'annuals' out of our regular comics. How things change - but when every new idea requires more and more 'stuff' it's no wonder we acquire so much...