Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Letters to Bill Series 01

Letters to Bill Series 01
There are something like 24 works in the Letters to Bill Series.  Over a year ago I spent a day at garage sales and I found a box of letters all addressed to a man named Bill who had once lived in North Carolina.  How his letters got to Everett, WA I do not know.  I decided to use the envelopes for collage substrates.  You can see some of the envelope showing through from the background.


The Lasting, Vibrant Impact of Michael Craig-Martin | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 28


jacki long said...

What a grand idea using the envelopes.
I am thrilled to have one of Bill's envelopes!
you enrich my life John! ♥

anonymous said...

It's going to be a great set. What a lucky find!

Robert said...

I really enjoy the double images in this piece: two birds on the branch, two stamps in the upper right hand corner, and the blue and red airmail stripes around three edges. Very satisfying!