Saturday, October 29, 2016


I have just finished over twenty postcards for the third of my architectural series.  Wes, to me, is an interesting composition.  I used three separate pieces of ephemera for the background and then the photo for the focal point.  That makes four images. One might argue that there are two focal points. Since I like dealing with odd numbers and there are four here that might be disturbing the odd number relationship but sometimes it seems to work when an even number is employed.  One might think that the composition is bottom heavy since the "two" focal images are at the base of the postcard.  Somehow I  think not. That may be because of the movement interest not only in the naked male figure but the lines of the grating on the apartment structure and the lines of the yellow, blue, and white ephemera.  Whatever, I think it all works.


Irene Rafael said...

I agree with you. When the rules don't fit what your artistic eye says is right, throw out the rule!
~ Irene

Jacki Long said...

I love it! No rules! ;o)

tgarrett said...

It's a terrific composition!

Brian Kasstle said...

For me it's the colors that work for this! Love it!